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The Church of the Holy Cross Altar Society is comprised of all women of the parish 18 years and older.  We meet in the lower level every other month on the first Tuesday.  Come join us on Tuesday, March 5 at 7:00 pm

The mission of the Altar Society is to provide the needs and supplies of the altar and sanctuary.  The Altar Society is tasked with purchasing the bread, wine, altar linens, vestments, candles, and other necessities for the altar. General Altar Society meetings are held bi-monthly on the first Tuesday evening of the month.  The Altar Society assists in organizing many areas of fellowship that encourage spiritual growth through faith and socialization.

Under the General Altar Society, there are four Circles, which meet in effort to fulfill specific needs of the church or to fulfill a specific mission. It is also a wonderful way to develop Christian friendships and enjoy religious activities. Circle meetings are held both during the day and/or in the evening to accommodate the Circle member’s schedules.  

Altar Society Circles

Altar Society Page Circles are composed of Altar Society members with their own autonomy and meet regularly in fellowship to assist the main body of the Altar Society in its functions. Holy Cross currently has four different circles, including a circle for stay-at-home moms (Holy Family).


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