Holy Cross
Georgia Darrow, 620-665-5139
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Our Lady of Guadalupe
Raphaela Garcia, 620-663-2739 

St. Teresa
Sandy Galliardt, 620-662-0182

What do you call a loved one who never goes to Mass, only attends Mass at Easter or Christmas or professes they are no longer Catholic? The correct term is a prodigal.  This situation is not hopeless and you are not helpless.  Many prayers have been offered and answered in our group which is for anyone who has struggled with the anxiety of loss of family church members.  We have discovered the act of praying for them helps us to learn to let God direct them in His own way, which is not always our way. Tri-Parish Prodigal Prayer Groups. Our Lady of Guadalupe (Church) Tuesday 6:00 pm, Holy Cross (lower level) Wednesday 10:15 am and St Teresa (Adoration Chapel) Thursday 5:00 pm. every week.