Mission StatementThe mission of Holy Cross Catholic School is to be a Catholic Learning Community Building Disciples of Christ.

Catholic – provide a love of our faith, molding students into caring and committed Disciples of Christ.

Learning – assist each student to acquire the tools of learning enabling them to become lifelong learners.

Community – involve students in cooperative activities creating respectful, resourceful members of the community.

HistoryHoly Cross was founded in the mid 1950’s. The congregation attended Mass at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson until the church was built on the current property. The church building was completed in 1959 and the school was constructed as an addition to the church in 1962. The school originally contained grades 1-8 but the enrollment outgrew the school within the first seven years. In the 1967-1968 school year, the enrollment reached 214 students with five classes serving over 30 students and one class containing 44 children. In the 1968-1969 school year, grades 7 and 8 moved to the newly constructed Trinity Catholic Junior/Senior High School.

The Dominican sisters from Great Bend, Kansas and one lay teacher originally staffed the school. Their presence remained constant throughout the 1960s. By the early 1970’s, the ratio of lay teachers was above 50 %. During the 1989-1990 school year, there was only one religious staff member who worked part-time. Currently, our staff consists primarily of lay teachers. However, in the last five years, we have been blessed to have the presence of an Immaculate Heart of Mary sister on staff. Many of our current teachers have served Holy Cross for many years. Six teachers have been on staff for over ten years. We also have many new teachers on staff, which creates a balance of experience, creativity and new ideas.

In 1983, a new church was built and the school experienced changes in the facility as a whole. The original church was converted into a multi-purpose room/ gymnasium. In 1994, we were blessed with the addition of five new classrooms at the north end of our school building. In 2001, we added an additional six new classrooms and a library/safe room onto the existing building. It was at this time that we were able to house two classes at each grade level. It also allowed us to use an existing room for a computer lab. In November of 2005 , the construction of a new music room was completed. This addition also serves as a second safe room and was funded primarily by FEMA grant funds.

Currently, we have two classes at each grade level with an average of 17 students per class. Our largest class is 21 and our smallest is 14. We offer an all-day kindergarten, which has been offered since 1997. Pre-school has been on-site since 1995. Of the 277 students, we currently have 51 Pre school students. Three year olds attend two half-days and four year olds attend three half-days per week. Our Pre-school has shown growth over the last few years, which is hopeful for an increase in overall enrollment in future years.