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  • Community Rewards Program

    The Dillon reloadable gift card Neighborhood program is ending...but there is still time to enroll with your Dillon's Plus Card in the Community Rewards Program.  Make sure to select Holy Cross- NPO 10229, for Holy Cross to receive rewards as well.  Then, simply shop and scan your Plus Card and you will be helping Holy Cross earn rewards! For questions and assistance, please contact 800-576-4377 or the Holy Cross Rectory at 620-665-5163.

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  • Year of Prayer

    Need help with ideas for your prayer life?  In honor of the Year of Prayer, we have set up a section on our site where you can go to find how people in our parish are living out their prayer lives.  If you have any tips or ideas from your own prayer life that you would like to share, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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Upcoming Events

A Word from Our School Principal

“Thank you” is the message we want to share with you, as we have concluded our celebration of Catholic Schools Week for 2015.  For all parishioners, thank you for giving to the church!  Your tithing to the church is an indirect gift to Holy Cross Catholic School and Trinity Catholic High School.  All of us at the schools are grateful for your gifts, because you help us share in the children’s Catholic education.  Our teachers and staff are among the best in education.  Mr. Joe Hammersmith, Principal at Trinity Catholic High School, and I thank you for giving us the opportunity to carry out our mission to build Disciples of Jesus Christ and pursue academic excellence.  We are truly blessed to have the best combination of parishioners, parents, students, teachers, and staff that make your Catholic schools special places in Hutchinson.  Thank you for making it possible for all parish families to enroll their children in Catholic schools without having to pay tuition!  Your stewardship has made it possible for over 500 students in K-12 to receive a daily Catholic education in Hutchinson.

                                                                                                          Mr. Kevin Hedrick, Principal

                                                                                                           Holy Cross Catholic School


Update on Amy Hale

Welcome Home Amy Hale!! We claim you as our Holy Cross Christmas Miracle!!! You are an inspiration to us all!!! God Bless you Amy!! We love you Amy!!! PRAISE TO OUR GREAT HEALING GOD!!! Thank you Lord!!!! Amen!!!


Funeral Dinners

If you always wanted to do something to help out with Funeral Dinners, drop items by the gift shop after mass. This is a list of items that are needed for the funeral dinner pantry.  Questions call Lora Lobmeyer @ 620-770-1234. Thank You!

Gallons or half gallon cans of:
Green Beans
Bush's Baked Beans
Fruit Cocktail
Sliced Peaches
Chunk Pineapple
Ragu Pasta  Sauce
Cream of Chicken Soup
Dillon's Gift Cards and Cash Donations to purchase meats.

Mass Times

Tues., Thurs., Fri.: 8:00am
Wed.: 6:30pm

Saturday: 5:30pm
Sunday: 9:00am and 11:00am

Saturdays: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Weekdays 30 minutes before Mass
Anytime at request